The Hill: Ensuring AI benefits everyone, tech must have a diverse pipeline
BY REP. ALMA ADAMS (D-N.C.), WAYNE A. I. FREDERICK, AND JASON OXMAN Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is an integral part of our daily lives, work, and existence. AI-driven medical diagnostics alert doctors to early warning signs of diseases and conditions, allowing them to provide better treatment for patients and save lives. AI improves the way companies, governments, and other organizations ... Read More
Building the Future, One Job at a Time
In our recent book, What To Do When Machines Do Everything we argue that in 10 years’ time employment levels in the Western world will be higher than they are today. For some people that’s a head scratcher. In our analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t, as it’s popularly portrayed in the click-bait media, simply a job destroyer. AI is a new tool – a datascope perhaps – that allows us to see things ... Read More
Apprenticeships: A Good Deal for America’s Workforce
Last week’s election results will soon usher in a divided Congress in Washington. While we can no doubt anticipate lively policy debate in the foreseeable future, one issue where there is bipartisan agreement – both within Congress and the administration – is the need for successful workforce development programs. It is essential that we equip our workforce with the proper skills to qualify for the ... Read More