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Training the Workforce

of the Future

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To help workers thrive in the jobs of tomorrow, tech is training new and mid-career workers in skills ranging from machine learning and computer science to coding and advanced manufacturing.


the Next Generation

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As jobs in science, technology and math grow at an exponential rate, tech is investing in education and skills training to prepare our next generation and build a 21st century workforce.

Building a Diverse

and Inclusive Workforce

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Tech is building a diverse and inclusive workforce to ensure our economic success, strengthen our communities and better reflect the diversity of consumers.

Connecting People to the

21st Century Economy

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Tech is working to ensure everyone can connect to the 21st century digital economy and take advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Transforming Lives

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Tech is transforming our lives, from streamlining tasks to increasing accessibility to keeping our communities and families healthy and safe.

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Hear from leading voices on how tech is working together to ensure innovation and technology continue to thrive and building a stronger, better future for everyone.